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I will write lyrics and melody for your song


*please message me before ordering*


If you’re looking for the perfect melody and lyrics over your track then look no further! I have years of experience of writing and over 500 songs I have written. Let’s work together and put the icing on the cake with your masterpiece. I can do many genres so lets a chat about what you want! 🙂


I have spent several years in bands and as a soloist writing with many artists. I work in a studio songwriting with several clients a day as well as my previous experience on fiverr.


I can provide the level of communication that you’d desire. If you need a more full on, regular communication style, I will be there for that. If you’d like me to just hush up and crack on with it, I can do that too. I will cater to your needs.

End Goal

I have endless clients who have left 100% satisfied. Let me know exactly what you’re looking for as specific as possible and I guarantee that I will make this happen and you vision will become a reality!

I can’t wait to work with you on your project!