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I will coach you to improve your cod warzone skills


Best Warzone Coach on Gigslance:

I am very different from other Gigslance “coaches” who are just young and are naturally talented at the game and have all the free time in the world to play and improve at the game. I’m not young and I’m not naturally talented and this is why I am Best Fitted to be a Warzone Coach!!! I reach top 1% through hard work and training efficiently and smartly.

A bit about myself:

I am a father of two beautiful kids with a full time job working 40+hrs a week. I’m an old gamer (33 years old) and barely have 20hrs at most to play COD but I still managed to get to the top 1% in Warzone. I was able to do it because I know how one needs to improve efficiently. Its not about how much you play, but how you train yourself when you play!!!


I graduated from one of the University of California with a major in Chemical Engineering. As an engineer playing COD, I naturally learn the game by breaking it down into different levels and engineered the Pyramid Concept(FAQ) in order to practice and improve at the game, one level at a time – TARGET PRACTICE which is the secret.

Book a session with me and you won’t regret it!!!