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I will do market research, niche, competitor analysis, business marketing plan


Hello, Welcome to My Gig:

I am Clementina: Market Research, Business Plan & Competitive Analysis Expert with experience across multiple B2B, B2C, Consumer Goods, and eCommerce and companies ranging from start-ups and small businesses creating in-depth reports to give vital insight for sales and marketing strategies, business plans and investment pitches.

The market research & competitor analysis report covers:

-Market overview

-Market Size & Growth

-Market drivers

-Market trends

-Market segmentation

-Customer Analysis

-Consumer Insights / Demographics

-Target Audience

-SWOT analysis

-Competitor analysis

-Marketing Strategies

-Charts and graphs

Competitor Analysis:

-List of directors and general company background

-Products sold

-Customer base

-Advertising and marketing strategy

-Social media presence

-General financial data

-Unique Selling Prepositions

-Website metrics and analysis

-SWOT Analysis

My market research and industry analysis report gives you accurate data and Insights that will enable your business to understand and take advantages of the market shifts and behaviour that will guide you in making informed decisions.