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3D Modeling



I am a professional 3d-artist and game-developer with over 3 years of experience with modeling, rendering and animating in Blender, as well as about 2 years of experience in Substance Painter. Client satisfaction is very important to me!

In this gig I wil design any high quality 3d model / product / sculpture requested by the customer, this will include a few renders (depending on what the customer wants) and a highly detailed textured 3d model.

Provided services:

  • 3d product design/mockup
  • 3d product rendering
  • 3d modeling for 3d printing
  • 3d animating
  • 3d modeling for manufacturing (royalty-free)
  • Game-asset design / Game-ready model
  • Character sculpting
  • Other (requested by client)

I am looking forward to recieving orders and working with clients, thank you.

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