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For Freelancers

Get Hired and Earn Remotely

Choose from diverse categories of jobs like data entry, transcription, surveys, content writing, voice-overs or other kinds of online remote and freelancing jobs.

  • How To Get Started

    To get started and start earning as a freelancer:

    • Sign-up for a freelancer account.
    • Verify your mail and submit your documents for identity verification.
    • Set up and optimize your freelancer profile for better visibility.
    • Add your withdrawal details.
    • Create your service gigs.
    • Start applying for jobs and get hired.

For Clients

Hire Freelancers and Get Your Projects Done!

Search through the diverse categories of services and hire the best talents to get your projects executed the perfect way!

  • How to Start Hiring

    To get started as an independent client on Gigslance:

    • Sign-up for either a client or freelancer account. If you sign-up as a freelancer, you will have to switch your account to the employer profile to hire services.
    • Verify your email and submit the proper documents for identity verification.
    • Set up and complete your client/employer profile.
    • Create and post your jobs to the Gigslance community. Freelancers submit their bids, and you hire the best candidate for the job.
    • Search through the services page and send offers to appealing gigs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding The Gigslance Community

Gigslance provides a smooth platform for easy engagement between clients and freelancers in a way that ensures maximum satisfaction of both parties.

  • Is Membership Free?

    Yes! Registering an account is completely free. You don't have to pay any fee to get started as a Gigslancer.

  • Why Do I Have To Verify My Identity?

    In a bid to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, it is compulsory for every new user on the marketplace to submit documents for identity verification.

    More so, we need to verify the authenticity of every user to eliminate the possibility of fake and spam accounts.

  • What Are The Payment Methods?

    We offer two withdrawal methods at the moment. Paypal and Direct Bank Transfer (for certain countries).

  • Any Fee Attached To Using Gigslance?

    For freelancers, we charge a commission fee of 15% on every jobs they get. Aside the commission fee, there are no other fees for using Gigslance.

    For clients/employers, there are no fees for using Gigslance aside the amount paid out to hired freelancers. Gigslance is completely free for clients.